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SIMULATED GAME SHOOTING UK is a well established and respected provider of SIMULATED GAME SHOOTING in the beautiful picturescque setting of the RAEHILLS ESTATE DUMFRIES SCOTLAND located 7 miles from Junction 16 of the M74 Motorway. This is where we can provide your party of 8 to 16 guns can experience a wonderful day out.This is where your syndicate can brush up on their shooting before the season starts at the fraction of the cost but still experience the BUZZ and relaxation at the same time in one of the most beautiful locations in the world 

At SIMULATED GAME SHOOTING UK we focus on providing an exceptional service with competitive pricing. We have been providing our clients who come from all over the UK and from far off places all over the world. We provide airport and rail transfers, luxury accomodation, car hire, champagne receptions, luncheons, afternoon teas and wonderful dinner parties in the beautiful stately home or in fine world class restaurants. The best unturned hacks can be found here

Our Success

We have built a solid reputation in the Dumfries area for delivering a high quality garage services tailor made to me meet the needs of our clients. Much of our business comes from word of mouth and satisfied repeat customers. 


It launched its assault on WiiWare before setting its sights on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. But now, it’s the Nintendo 3DS that is under Heavy Fire. The Chosen Few is an on-rails, light-gun-style shooter, as is par for the Heavy Fire course. Movements on autopilot, so it’s your job to just shoot everything that’s shooting at you. Survive until the end, and you move on to the next. There are about 20 levels in total, and again, it definitely plays better than previous Heavy Fire games.

Speaking of which, you play The Chosen Few with the stylus.


Dragging it across the touchscreen moves the cursor on the top screen, just like any number of shooters on prior DS systems. When it’s done right, it works really well. And to its credit it feels pretty good in The Chosen Few. Aiming is fast and precise, to the pixel. A huge improvement from previous Heavy Fire games. A less important change was made to the game’s presentation. The Chosen Few tells its story through a series of still images, kind of like comic book pages. It’s a good idea,but the game never really capitalizes on it. The images are restricted to the top screen,and there’s no voice overs whatsoever.


The cool idea ends up feeling a bit cheap in execution.There’s nothing cheap about semiautomatic weapons, though. And fortunately, the freaking game has plenty of them. In fact, there are 30 weapons in total, and you can actually upgrade them between levels using the points you earn in-game.


Along with some vehicular sections that break up the missions, this adds some much-needed substance to a series that, beforehand, just didn’t have much.It’s nice to see Heavy Fire making strides in a positive direction, but it still has quite a way to go. Especially if it’s going to be sold on a cartridge. Paying the plastic tax for a game this average and a package this shallow still doesn’t seem worthwhile,unless you’re some kind of huge on-rails shooter fan. In which case,  Heavy Fire is getting better. At least, for a chosen few.